PSA: How to get the most resources from the Hall of Fame

In this article we will talk about the upcoming changes to the Classic set with the advent of the Year of the Raven. These changes include the relegation of three cards from the Classic set to the Hall of Fame. The cards that are moving are:

Come the Year of the Raven these cards will no longer be able to be played in the standard format but can be played in the wild format. If you have the cards in your collection, you will be refunded the full dust value of the cards for up to two of the copies of each card. On top of that, you get to keep the cards! If you own golden versions the dust refund will be prioritised for those over the normal copies.

The refund given can be exploited to generate some extra dust. If you own two golden copies then you will receive the full crafting value for those cards which is a lot of dust and then you can disenchant them if you don’t want them post rotation.

This means:

  1. You can get golden or normal copies of the cards for free, or;
  2. Gain the normal disenchant value of the cards for free.

That being said, you can only do one of these if you are able to invest in golden or normal copies to begin with. The investment is quite large for the epics (1600 dust) but less so for the rares (400 dust).

Per epic you are able to get 400 dust and per rare 100 dust. If you are able to craft golden versions of all the cards then you can get 1800 dust for free! The rich just get richer…

 = 1800 DUST!! Woaaaaah!!

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